Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Top 4 Guess Blogger Awards!

Alhamdulillah I was shortlisted as the Top 4 Bloggers for the GUESS Blogger Awards 2014! Thank you EH! Magazine for the opportunity!

More importantly, thank you so much for those who voted and especially to my dear readers/followers who have been such a huge support! You guys are the best! I'm just one step away from winning. If you guys think my looks were the best and I deserve to win, here are some easy steps for you to follow in order to vote me as the winner!;)

STEP 1 : Go to this link http://eh.bloggeraward.my/
STEP 2 : If you already have an account, you can directly 'Log In untuk undi' and vote for me by clicking on my picture. Then click ' Undi untuk blogger ini'.

If you do not have an account yet, you need to register first by clicking the 'Daftar Disini' button. Just follow the steps on the website. After signing up, click on my picture and select 'Vote untuk blogger ini'

And you're done!

Voting is open from 26th August until 8th September 2014.

Thank you again for voting!! I really appreciate it and jazakallah khair<3

Till then!xx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Denim Galore

I've always been a big fan of denim ever since I could even remember. There's just something about it that appeals to all ages and style preference. Perhaps it's also the fact that denim is not only comfortable to wear, it's one of the most long-lasting, tear-resistant material there is. Not to mention it never goes out of style!

So I came up with 3 different themed looks from my favorite GUESS denim that might give you ladies some ideas how to pair your denim in a more creative way! So here goes!

1. Romantic Dinner

For this occasion, of course you want to go with something sweet and feminine. But being the not so girly-girl that I am, I always like to add a little spunk to my outfit through vibrant colours! So what I did was I paired my Charlotte denim shirt with a neon shirt underneath and rolled up the sleeves to give it a little pop of colour. Finished the look with an electric blue skirt, neon necklace and a printed clutch!

What I love about this Charlotte shirt from GUESS is it's beautiful faded colour and it's light material. When I was out to dinner with hubby in two layers, I still felt cool despite the hot Malaysian weather!
Oh and I love that it doesn't have those clip on buttons and uses these button instead. Give it a nice neat finish.

Feminine, yet not too girlish. Just the way I like it! :)

2. Night Out Party With Friends

For my second look, I was thinking of something simple yet glamorous. And nothing shouts 'GLAM' more than some sequins! All girls love things that are shiny and sparkle, yes? So I paired my Kate Capri white jeans with a white shirt, matching black hijab, heels and clutch. Topped it off with a sequin jacket and I'm ready to party!

These white jeans really appealed to me because of it's cut. It has a low cut and is a little shorter than the normal boot cut or skinny cut. It's suitable for people like me who aren't very tall(157cm!). Plus it let's me flaunt my super gorgeous heels! Tehee!

 A little bling never hurt anyone:P

3. Music Festival

When going to an event out in the open and with a big crowd, you are bound to to feel uncomfortable. So you wouldn't want to wear something that makes you even more uncomfortable. So my choice would be something laid-back and loose, making it easy to move around feel breezy. I wore a printed top paired with my Charlotte shirt worn as a jacket and neutral colours for my hijab and bag. A sling would be best because you wouldn't have to hold it all day!

I love how versatile this shirt is and how it can be mixed and matched to suit any occassion, really! You could even pair it with a pencil skirt and wear it to work! The pockets add seams make it even more cute!

Laid-back and comfortable is the way to go!

It was fun playing dress up and coming up with these looks using my GUESS denim. Perhaps in the future I'll create more looks featuring denim pieces because it is SO VERSATILE. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section!:))

P/s: Search hashtag #LOVEGUESS #EHmalaysia and #GuessMalaysia on Instagram to see more Guess denim looks!

Till then!xx

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Going Green

Salam and Ramadhan Mubarak to my lovely readers!:) Hope you are all having a blessed Ramadhan with your loved ones, insyaAllah.

Recently I joined the Lebaran Preloved Party at Wonder Wordrobe, Shah Alam. I just had to clear out my closet because there was just too much stuff, the OCD in me couldn't bear it. So what better way to de-clutter and give the chance to someone else to own my pre-loved stuff than a preloved sale:)

It was a fun event and Alhamdulillah almost all my stuff was sold out and reached good hands. I needed to wear something really comfortable during the event so I wore this gorgeous (breastfeeding-friendly!) Fatima dress from KimisOnWeb.

I absolutely love this dress because it's both breastfeeding-friendly and wudu'-friendly. It has a hidden zipper in the front and also on the sleeves. Crafted using dull satin and lace, the dress is light and comfortable and comes with full lining.

Available in pink, mint green, mocha and peach. Mine is mint green. The actual colour is more to the first photo below. I don't know why in the other photos it look like lime green ombre, must be the lighting!

With fellow bloggers Suri, Lyna, Maria, Nurul(owner of NWW) and Adrianai.

Thank you to everyone who came and Nurul of NWW for organizing the event!:)
Follow Kimisonweb on their social media accounts for more of their products and latest updates!
Facebook : KimisOnWeb
Instagram : @kimisonweb
Till then!xx

Monday, 30 June 2014

Sweet 26

On 27th June 2014, I officially turned 26. Warghhhhh I feel so old. However, I had such a wonderful time spending it with my loved ones, Alhamdulillah. My family held a pre-birthday 'makan-makan' for me and my sister since her birthday falls on the 24th June. We've always celebrated our birthday together every year. So that's always fun!:D

Meanwhile on my birthday, hubby had planned a romantic dinner for us to enjoy. It's been quite a while since our last dinner date together just the two of us(you know, I mean after having Juhd tehee). We had a nice dinner buffet at B's Pullman Putrajaya with a beautiful night view of the Putrajaya Lakeside. Very romantic indeed<3 <3 <3

The buffet starts at 6.30pm - 10.30pm but we had our maghrib prayers first before heading to hotel at about 7.45pm.

The beautiful lakeside view
 My knight in shining armor<3 ;)
For our romantic dinner, I opted to wear my new Charlotte denim shirt from GUESS. I love this shirt because of it's faded color and how comfortable and light the denim material is. I was actually wearing another cotton shirt inside and I still felt warm despit our Malaysian heat!
Paired my denim shirt with a neon shirt underneath to give it a little spunk. An electric blue pleated skirt and a neon necklace completed the fun and comfortable look. Oh and not forgetting my printed clutch!
Now moving on to our dinner. The dinner buffet is priced at RM68++ per pax and includes a wide selection of food including Malay, Indian, and international cuisines. Some of the food selection included Nasi Beriani, a variety of Malay Lauk, Indian dishes, noodles- (the mee kari was one of my favorites!), Roasted Lamb, Pizza, Salads, few selection of Pastas, Yong Tau Foo, and of course desserts! Oh and just incase you are wondering, this place is certified halal.
Pizza, salad, roast lamb and sandwich.
Some of the desserts.
Our hungry faces.
This is all I managed to snap because I was too busy eating everything I didn't really bother to take more photos. Tehee. Afterwards we climbed up to the viewing tower to enjoy the beautiful view. It was a lovely night Alhamdulillah, thanks to hubby for such a wonderful night and pampering me on my birthday<3
I love you!!;)


Pretty Pastel Fleur

Salam lovelies! Have you bought your baju raya yet? If not, let me intoduce you an amazing new label by the name of Pastel Fleur! 

At Pastel Fleur, they believe that less is more, and I couldn't agree more! This Raya, they offer an exclusive collection for modern day elegant women. Each design portrays the image of elegance in simplicity, making it suitable for any occasion.

Pastel Fleur also emphasizes on different elements in texture and prints. The fabrics are carefully handpicked and custom tailored to guarantee top notch quality. 

I don't think I need to elaborate any further, I'll just let the pictures do all the talking! Here are my personal favorites! ( Check out the full collection on their instagram account @bypastelfleur)


Be sure to follow then on instagram @bypastelfleur for all the latest updates! 
Till then!xx